Club 1069 International Internet Radio Club 1069 International Radio

24/7 Streaming

As of 3/27/2020 Most major upgrades done .

Upgrades that where done Audio Streaming clustering Streaming media Live video upgraded to 10 input seances for Video so your not looking at 1 shot you have 10 different shots Being able to see a full view of the studio. New Encoding software Updated GPU

New Studio Lighting This System Brings you a customized light show to each song that is mixed live Via DJ Going to the Beat and rhythm to music There’s 18 Total Units 2 lasers 8 moving gobo /color spots 4 Moving RGBW Washes 4 Black light/ Clear strobe units 1 Hazer

In the works Improvement on the Request system Mobile APP As well as many website updates Chat room Games

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